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Let me be your trusted guide in finding your dream home, providing expert advice and personalized support every step of the way.

“Empowering Home Buyers: Our vision is to revolutionize the real estate experience by empowering buyers with expert guidance, personalized service, and unparalleled support to make informed decisions and find their perfect home.”

“Our Goals: To help our clients achieve their real estate dreams by providing exceptional service, building lasting relationships, and becoming the go-to resource for all their property buying needs in Aruba.”

“Our Mission: To transform the real estate journey for buyers in Aruba, by delivering unparalleled expertise, personalized attention, and unwavering dedication to helping them find their ideal home and make informed investment decisions.”

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Gerard van den Berg
Gerard van den Berg

Gerard is one of the few certified brokers and appraisers in Aruba. He has an international registration as a negotiator and offers this platform to sales brokers. He has a role as a buyer's agent and is happy to help you buy your dream home.


Meet Gerard van den Berg: Your Trusted Real Estate Expert in Aruba


Gerard van den Berg, the CEO of Bluefin Aruba, is a renowned professional in the real estate industry. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Gerard stands out as one of the few certified brokers and appraisers in Aruba. Holding an international registration as a negotiator, he offers a unique platform for sales brokers to connect with potential buyers. As a buyer’s agent, Gerard is dedicated to helping you find and purchase your dream home on this beautiful island.

In addition to his expertise in real estate, Gerard serves as a compliance officer, registered by the central bank. He possesses all the necessary diplomas and certifications to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. With Gerard van den Berg by your side, you can trust that your real estate journey will be guided by a knowledgeable and trustworthy expert.

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'Working with ArubaBroker was a game-changer. Their purchase broker provided invaluable insights, negotiated a great deal, and made the entire buying process smooth and stress-free.'
by Eduardo Ling
proud new home owner
'I highly recommend Gerard for anyone looking to buy a property in Aruba. His professionalism, market knowledge, and personalized service exceeded my expectations.' - Sarah M.
by Sarah Miles
New home owners. on Aruba
"Ik ben ontzettend tevreden over de dienstverlening van ArubaBroker. Hun aankoopmakelaar heeft mij uitstekend begeleid tijdens het hele aankoopproces. Ze waren altijd bereikbaar, gaven eerlijk advies en hebben ervoor gezorgd dat ik mijn droomhuis heb kunnen kopen op Aruba. Ik raad Gerard en zijn team dan ook van harte aan!" Linda Sagius
by Linda Sagius
Nieuwe bewoner Bubali

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